Eat in/Take out Available

Welcome to Saigon Lotus

Saigon Lotus is a Vietnamese family run business which has been inspired by our passion for providing a fresh and healthy cuisine, while preserving the beauty of our cultural background. Saigon Lotus strives to bring the finest selection of Vietnamese street food to the heart of Manchester city.

Saigon Lotus provides a nostalgic experience of homemade food for Vietnamese people abroad and an elegant introduction to its flavoursome taste to everyone in a warm, welcoming and authentic atmosphere.

We are now a fully licensed restaurant and is serving a range of fine beer & wine. Please see our drink list of currently available beer & wine here. We also serve Saigon beer in our restaurant.



15% off all meals

 Lunch meal deal from £6.90 


  20% off all meals with a NUS student card

  Tue to Sat 12 pm to 1:30 pm & Sun 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

   T & C applies*


Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is regarded by Vietnamese people as one of the four graceful flowers and plants.

Known as the ‘flower of the dawn’, the lotus rises through the murky waters of ponds and lakes throughout the country. Yet, when it blooms and floats on the surface, it remains untainted and retains its elegant & majestic beauty.

To the Vietnamese, the lotus is the symbol of purity, commitment and optimism for the future. However, the lotus is also known to provide various medicinal and health benefits in daily Vietnamese cuisine. Thus, at Saigon Lotus, we carefully use the lotus in our dishes to add a unique  and natural flavour to our authentic cuisine.